Local Motors presents first road-ready 3-D printed car

PHOENIX – The co-creation community Local Motors announced the winner of its Project Redacted design competition last week. Mechanical engineer Kevin Lo designed the winning Swim and Sport entry for the first highway-ready 3-D printed car in the world.

The winning design of the contest, created to inspire the first fleet of 3-D printed cars, is track-ready, sporty and fun with speakers on the outside, and it is customizable due to the processes enabled by direct digital manufacturing.

Local Motors is the first company to use carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic in its printing process and debuted its first car printed by a large-scale manufacturing 3-D printer last fall. The plant printing Local Motors car parts is located in Tempe and was designed and developed through partnership between Tennessee companies Cincinnati Inc. and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Chandler-based Local Motors.

LOCO (Local Motors Co-Created) University Vehicles, 3-D printed vehicles resembling golf carts, were also unveiled and will be provided to three universities including Arizona State University, University of Nevada Las Vegas and the University of Michigan to support faculty and student research. The partnerships with the universities are intended to use robotics expertise available at the schools to advance vehicle self-driving technology and to research the use of advanced materials for use in large-scale 3-D printer manufacturing.

Source: Phoenix Business Journal

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