Arizona Zanjeros to promote state as business destination

PHOENIX – The new Arizona Zanjeros group of state business leaders was recently formed to promote Arizona as an ideal business destination with a high quality of life.

The Zanjeros will work with other state agencies toward economic development, hosting visiting business leaders and educating them about the opportunities and advantages to living and working in Arizona. The Arizona Zanjeros are to help the state’s economy flourish by driving business growth, expansion and new development.

Gov. Doug Ducey is the founder of the organization and his founding co-chairs are Michael Bidwill, Arizona Cardinals President, and Lea Marques Peterson, President of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Other members of the Zanjeros group are: Bennett Dorrance – Billionaire heir Bennett Dorrance on the Campbell Soup board of directors and DMB Associates founder; Arizona Board of Regents Board President, Eileen I. Klein; Rick Hamada, CEO of Avnet; Bill Lavidge, CEO of The Lavidge Company; and President and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Glenn Hamer.

Residents of Arizona can join the Zanjeros. More information can be found at the website,

Source: Economic Development Blog

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