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Looking for a state that’s young and vibrant? Arizona has it covered.

Greatist recently announced the top 10 destinations for young adults. A health and fitness research website, Greatist was founded in 2011 and has been featured in many mainstream publications.

The organization provides fun and educational tips and guidelines for living a healthier lifestyle.

Two Arizona cities placed on site’s top 10 destinations for people in their 20s – Tucson and Phoenix.

Tucson ranked second place. Greatist attributes the ranking to the city’s clean air, bicycle-friendly roads and affordable rent. Tucson’s median rent is currently $669 per month.

Phoenix placed at No. 9, with recreational activities and lesser expensive rent being the driving force behind the selection. The city’s median rent is $824 per month.

Other top 10 destinations include Washington, D.C.; Seattle; San Francisco; San Diego; Salt Lake City; Raleigh, N.C.; Portland, Ore.; and Philadelphia.

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