*Forbes* processed the data: *Phoenix* rises to ninth in IT jobs growth

Arizona took high honors by TechAmerica for its semiconductor industry and its glowing high-technology salaries while GM has announced its fourth IT innovation center in the area (to the tune of 1,000 jobs). So it’s no surprise that the Phoenix metro made it into the top 10 on Forbes’ list.

The Valley of the Sun has seen its information employment rise 7.7 percent since 2009 to a solid 29,800 IT jobs. The region traditionally attracts companies and jobs from the West Coast, but its momentum and affordability have made it a prime choice for companies such as USAA and GoDaddy, not to mention being among the top choices for UAV development.

Forbes did the math to find which metropolitan statistical areas were experiencing the most IT-sector growth. Utilizing data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Forbes ranked 317 MSAs based on trends in their mid-term growth, most-recent growth and overall momentum from 2007 to 2012, then reviewed the 66 MSAs with 450,000 jobs or more.

While cities such as New York and Los Angeles do still supply the largest numbers of jobs, they haven’t been experiencing the same growth in IT-sector employment as some of the smaller, usually less-expensive MSAs.

The information industry is in the process of transition, a decline turning into a revitalized resurgence in the last two years – by and large thanks to developments in software, data processing and social media. The booming success of the data sector is sometimes obscured by the fact that businesses are beginning to hire for those positions in-house.

The full list of top MSAs winning IT jobs:

  1. San Jose-Santa Clara (CA)
  2. San Francisco-San Mateo (CA)
  3. New Orleans-Metairie (LA)
  4. Boston-Cambridge (MA)
  5. Austin-Round Rock (TX)
  6. Atlanta-Marietta (GA)
  7. San Antonio-New Braunfels (TX)
  8. Raleigh-Cary (NC)
  9. Phoenix-Glendale (AZ)
  10. Nashville-Franklin (TN)

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