Arizona Chamber Foundation offers plan to help employ Arizona veterans

The Arizona Chamber Foundation has released its latest policy brief Economic Opportunity for Arizona Veterans, which outlines specific policy recommendations for facilitating the employment of military veterans in Arizona.

Arizona is home to approximately 76,000 Second Gulf War veterans who face a 10.9 percent unemployment rate (8.1 percent in the U.S.) and are an untapped resource for Arizona employers.  Veterans  transitioned to civilian jobs offer the employer skills of work ethic, teamwork and leadership.

The Arizona Chamber has established the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee to serve as a resource and connector for employers and  veterans  and to support public policies to aid in transition. 

A resource toolkit is available to help veterans and employers come together, with proposals including:

1)  Relevant military experience counting toward license certification requirements

2)  Disseminating company best practices for hiring veterans

3)  Partnering with like-minded organizations and interested elected officials

Many Arizona Chamber member companies are on board for this plan to support veterans, including Amazon, Intel, Magellan Health Services, Northern Arizona University, Raytheon, Swift Transportation, University of Phoenix, USSA, Wells Fargo and many other chamber member companies such as US Airways with their nationally recognized Honor Flight Network.

The Arizona Chamber is working to help Arizona businesses recruit, promote and retain veterans and to advance public policies that support veteran employment.

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